A routine dental checkup every 6 months is mandatory for every individual,even if you brush your teeth twice daily with a flouride containing toothpaste & mouthwash. because most of us are not familiar with the correct brushing technique which results in plaque build-up later on converting into Tartar or Calculus which cannot be removed by regular brushing and especially in those areas normally missed out during brushing and therefore requires Professional cleaning by Dentist called SCALING.

A dental scaling & polish is a routine dental procedure for cleaning of teeth to avoid any gum & bone diseases,complain of bleeding gums,bad breath,staining of teeth & gums swelling.

Many people think that there is no need to go for a dental check-up unless they are in pain. This is not true. Many dental problems progress very slowly – without any signs.dentist is trained to detect such problems. Early detection and timely treatment can correct or even prevent problems from occurring.

Apart from spotting trouble early, regular check-ups can be valuable in many other ways.

What happens in a dental check-up?

First of all, dentist will look carefully or examine, all parts of mouth and face.

Teeth will be checked for such things as cracks, wear, decay and faulty fillings.

Gums will be checked to see if they have a healthy colour and shape. If they bleed, that is a sure sign of disease.

Bones, cheeks, tongue, palate and other parts of the mouth and face will be examined for any unusual swellings or surface changes.

The most important part of the check-up is the discussion that patient and dentist can have after the examination. This may include:

An explanation of what has been seen in mouth.

Recommendations on how to treat any problems discovered. E.g. preventive measures like fluoride application or fissure sealants.

Advice on diet and the correct ways to clean teeth.

Counselling on how to overcome any destructive habits that patient may have.

Monitoring the development of the teeth and jaws in growing children.