Fertility treatment is used when people cannot conceive naturally, usually because of a medical problem e.g. a man is not producing enough sperm, or a woman is not ovulating. There are different forms, depending on the problem. Often, couples may have to try many fertility treatments for months or years in the hope of success. It doesn’t always work. It can be very expensive. However, it can bring great pleasure if it is successful. Childless couples may face the following options:

IVF – In Vitro Fertilization (in glass): Egg and sperm are brought together in a test-tube. Embryo is put back inside the woman’s body.

AI – Artificial Insemination: Sperm is collected and placed in the woman’s uterus artificially.

AIH – Artificial Insemination (Husband): Artificial Insemination using the husband’s healthy sperm.

AID – Artificial Insemination (Donor) Artificial Insemination using an anonymous donor’s sperm, e.g. if the husband’s sperm are not healthy, or a woman has no partner.

Surrogacy – If a woman cannot have children, her husband’s sperm is used to impregnate another woman – a 3rd party. She gives birth and hands the baby back to the couple.


Defining Infertility

Infertility is typically defined as the inability to become pregnant after one year of sexual intercourse without contraception. For women over age 35, this condition is diagnosed after 6 months of an inability to conceive. Using this threshold, there will be women, albeit a minority, who meet the criteria for “infertility” but who go on to conceive without medical intervention. However, this definition is used to ensure that people who are experiencing problems that can be remedied will seek timely medical intervention.


Having trouble conceiving is more common that you might think. Despite what we were taught in our sex education classes in school (if any such class was offered), in any given month a typical couple has a 20% chance of conceiving. In a lifetime, 10-15% of couples will experience infertility. This number jumps to 33% in couples with a woman is over 35 years of age. In about 45% of cases there is a male-origin for the infertility, female-origin infertility accounts for 30% of cases, and 20% of the time both partners are the source of difficulties.


Angiogram     |     Angiography With Contrast     |     Angioplasty     |     Angioplasty With Stent Implantation     |     Atrial     |     Atrial septal defect     |     AV-R     |     BT-SH     |     Carotid Artery Surgery     |     Coronary artery bypass surgery (CABG)     |     Coronary Valve Replacement Surgery     |     Double Valve Replacement     |     Ebstein’s anomaly     |     Electrophysiology Study With Radiofrequency Ablation     |     Heart Valve Repair     |     Implantable Defibrillator     |     Open Heart Surgery     |     Pacemaker Biventricular     |     Pacemaker Surgery     |     Patent Ductus Arteriosus     |     Tetralogy of Fallot     |     Ventricular septal defect (VSD)

Blepharoplasty     |     Botox     |     Cheek Augmentation     |     Chemical Peel     |     Chin Augmentation     |     Face Neak Service     |     Hair Transplantation     |     Lip Reduction Or Augm     |     Otoplasty     |     Rhinoplasty     |     Rhytidectmy     |     Telangiectasia

Belt buckling+ Vitrectomy+ Endolaser+ Gas/Oil     |     Buckling Surgery without Viterectomy     |     Canalicular tear repair     |     Cataract removal     |     Conjunctivoplasty     |     Detached / Dislocated Retina     |     Diabetic eye problems     |     Eye surgery     |     Glaucoma Surgery     |     Hypermetropia With LASIK Surgery     |     IntraLASIK     |     LASIK Eye Surgery     |     Lasik- Wave Front     |     Phaco     |     Ptosis     |     Refractive errors     |     Retinal disorders     |     Silicone oil inj+ Endolaser+ Retinectomy+ Gas     |     Strabismus Surgery     |     Vitrectomy procedure     |     Vitrectomy+ Retinal Detachment     |     Vitreo-retinal surgery

Orthopedics     |     Above elbow prosthesis     |     Ankle arthroscopy     |     Ankle replacement     |     Below elbow prosthesis     |     Birmingham hip resurfacing     |     Discectomy slipped disc     |     Disc hernia     |     Elbow arthroscopy     |     Hemi arthroplasty     |     Hip arthroscopy     |     Hip disarticulation prosthesis     |     Hip joint revision surgery     |     Hip revision     |     Knee arthroscopy     |     Knee disarticulation prosthesis     |     Ilizarov technique     |     Reconstruction ligament acl-pcl     |     Shoulder- arthroscopy     |     Shoulder endoprosthesis     |     Shoulder replacement     |     Sports injuries     |     Tendon repair

bloodletting     |     herbal therapy     |     SPA

Duodenal Switch     |     Gastric Balloon     |     Gastric Bypass     |     Gastric Sleeve     |     Lap Band Surgery     |     Mini Gastric Bypass