Dr. Abbas shojaei
President of the Board and CEO of LIAN KAVAN health tourism

Dr. Abbas shojaei, has born in 1963 in Mashhad, Iran.

He had educated in medical course and also have health services management background;

Had been originator the first Professional health tourism company in Iran in (2010).


Educational histories:

  • graduated in General medical (1982-1989)
  • graduated in otolaryngologist specialty (ENT) ( 1991-1994)
  • Dr. shojaei completed his education in vascular surgery head and neck in 2006.


Management records:

  1. Head of Bent Al Hoda hospital and director of ENT and department.
  2. Member of the board of the medical council in Mashhad and the deputy director of organization.
  3. Representative of the Mashhad medical council in medical organization of Republic Islamic of Iran.
  4. chairman of health tourism committee of Iranian and Khorasan’s chamber of commerce.
  5. Reliable physician and medical adviser of Mashhad municipality.
  6. Board member of the Khorasan Surgeons Association.
  7. Board member of the deaf Sport federation and rare diseases federation.
  8. Board member of the Khorasan public sports federation.
  9. Member of Iran – Oman’s chamber of commerce.
  10. Board member of Iran health tourism development association


Acquired Titles:

  1. The dominant physician in Social Security Association 2010.
  2. The dominant physician of Republic Islamic of Iran’s Medical Council Association. (2011)
  3. National selected in Health tourism issue of Republic Islamic of Iran. (2017)

Mr. Hassan Hadian
Director of LianKavan’s development and investment holding

Mr. Hadian born in 1951 and he has a Bachelor of Business Administration, who is the Pioneering in industry and commerce of Iran.


14 sub-holding LIANKAVAN’company are as follows:

  1. LianKavan’s health tourism.
  2. LianKavan’s energy.
  3. LianKavan’s discovery and exploitation.
  4. LianKavan’s international.
  5. LianKavan’s steel (sangan,khaf)
  6. LianKavan’s international cement.
  7. HIVA’s steel Khorasan.
  8. LianKavan’s tourism.
  9. LianKavan’s municipal tourism.
  10. LianKavan’s international services.
  11. LianKavan’s Decorative stones.
  12. LianKavan’s Commercial Trading.
  13. LianKavan’s the mine and steel’s researchers center.
  14. LianKavan’s tourism researches center.


Membership in associations and unions

  • A board member of the Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Mines and Agriculture Khorasan.
  • Member of the Iranian Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Mines and Agriculture.
  • Member of Khorasan’s Research & Development Association Centers.
  • Member of the Iran and France Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
  • Member of the Chamber of Iran and Canada.
  • Member of the Chamber of Iran and Germany.


Histories of registered membership in associations and unions

  1. Top Exporter of Iran. (2002)
  2. Top Exporter of Iran. (2005)
  3. Top Exporter of Iran. (2008)
  4. Iranian’s commercial and trades unforgettable faces.