Passport and Visa

Traveling abroad requires that all travelers have valid Passports. If you currently have a valid passport, kindly check that your passport expiration date is no less than six months from date of travel. If the expiration date is less than six months from date of travel, you must have your passport renewed.
Depends on which country you would like to travel, and where you are living, you are kindly asked to check if you need a visa to enter the destination country.
If you are planning to travel immediately, Visa assistance may be required. We have partnered with a Visa Service that will expedite the processing time.

Ticket and Hotel

After you made your decision where to Travel for your Medical tourism, you need to buy airplane tickets and reserve your hotels. Depends on your Financial affordability our travel agents would offer you best tour packages including all your desirable services, from home to home.
You may discover a wide range of variety in Hotels around the world, in our packages, if you are interested in cultures, sight-seeing or even shopping, feel free to check our packages or consult our expert agents to plan a wonderful experience for you.

Featured Destinations