The Zoom Teeth Whitening System by Discus Dental Inc is one of the most popular teeth whitening systems available on the market today. In fact, it is the most widely used light activated system by dentists worldwide. The product comes in an all-inclusive pack. This means that the dentist is provided with all the necessary materials required for professional tooth bleaching in a single ready to use kit. The product includes the tooth whitener, the bleaching light and a number of disposable and single use items to be used on the patient while performing Zoom Whitening treatments.

The Zoom Teeth Whitening System uses a unique hydrogen peroxide based whitening gel. The produc has two different components, a 32% hydrogen peroxide gel and an activator. The two components have to be mixed together in the right proportion to form a working gel with a 25% concentration of hydrogen peroxide, with a pH level between 7.5 and 8.5.

The Zoom Teeth Whitening System has several steps. First, the doctor evaluates the patient’s pre-whitening tooth shade. The dentist then isolates the teeth that need to be whitened with the use of a dental dam. The patient is protected with a bib. The dentist then applies the hydrogen peroxide whitening gel on the surface of the teeth. After the application of the whitening gel, the activating light is used on the teeth for activating the whitening gel. The tooth whitener is then left for about 20 minutes. The procedure is repeated two more times, with each application lasting for 20 minutes. After the procedure is over, the teeth are washed thoroughly and the whitener is removed completely from the surface. The dentist then applies 1.1% neutral sodium fluoride gel on the teeth surface to reduce or prevent any sensitivity to hot and cold items. Finally, the patient is provided with an at-home tooth whitening system along with instructions for following up.