Reproductive HealthReproductive health refers to the diseases, disorders and conditions that affect the functioning of the male and female reproductive systems during all stages of life. Disorders of reproduction include birth defects, developmental disorders, low birth weight, preterm birth, reduced fertility, impotence, and menstrual disorders. Research has shown that exposure to environmental pollutants may pose the greatest threat to reproductive health. Exposure to lead is associated with reduced fertility in both men and women, while mercury exposure has been linked to birth defects and neurological disorders. A growing body of evidence suggests that exposure to endocrine disruptors, chemicals that appear to disrupt hormonal activity in humans and animals, may contribute to problems with fertility, pregnancy, and other aspects of reproduction.


What is the need for reproductive health?

The need for a reproductive health approach. A reproductive health approach recognizes that the foundations of women’s health are laid in childhood and adolescence, and are influenced by factors such as nutrition, education, sexual roles and social status, cultural practices, and the socioeconomic environment.


Why is reproductive health important?

More focus needs to be placed on providing learning and preparation for the world of work, building healthy lifestyles that reduce noncommunicable diseases and improve sexual health, and protecting adolescents from involvement in violence.” Source UNICEF. Reproductive health is not just about sex.


Reproductive HealthCommon Reproductive Health Concerns for Women


Uterine Fibroids.

Gynecologic Cancer.


Interstitial Cystitis.

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)

Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs)

Sexual Violence.


What Is Safe Motherhood?

Safe motherhood is one of the subareas found in the women’s health part of the sexual and reproductive health (RH) section of the database. … Over time, policies and strategies to achieve safe motherhood have changed as knowledge and understanding about the determinants of maternal health have become clearer.